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Mazola is a leading corn and speciality oil brand with more than a century of heritage and experience.

The range

The range includes corn, groundnut, grapeseed, rapeseed and sunflower oils that all complement the natural flavour of ingredients without ever over-shadowing them.

The secret ingredient

The secret is in mother nature, in the oils that naturally occur in plants nurtured by the sun and rain. Our oils are made from quality corn kernels, peanuts, grape seeds, rape seeds and sunflower seeds, all of which are carefully selected, processed and blended by our Mazola experts.

To help educate consumers, the Mazola website contains information regarding which oils should be used for which meal occasions as well as recipes and opportunities to win.

Mazola is owned by Edible Oils Limited, a joint venture between Princes and Archer Daniels Midland (ADM)