Corporate Social Responsibility is a fundamental component of our business strategy.

Our supply chains and operations are global and therefore we believe in collaboration with stakeholders to make lasting improvements on environmental and social issues.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is fundamental to our business, never seen as a project or undertaken for the sake of compliance, but because we know it’s the right thing to do.

Our Group vision of ‘Proudly helping families to eat well, without costing the earth’ not only reflects the business we aspire to be, but the existing passion and commitment of our colleagues, demonstrated daily, to becoming a truly sustainable business.

We regularly engage with colleagues, suppliers, customers, Non-Governmental Organisations, policymakers and many others to build relationships, collaborate and  learn from each other, expand our scope and strive for improvement .

Our efforts are focused on three pillars:

  • Climate Change & The Environment
  • Fair Partner & Good Employer
  • Health & Wellbeing

Cross functional work streams ensure we continue to improve across each of these pillars, through the monitoring of progress and the setting of targets, for example, we have recently committed to only using cage-free eggs (shell, liquid & ingredients) across our entire business by 2025.

We also operate separate Seafood Sustainability, Ethical Trading, Packaging and Energy working groups.

We seek to engage every colleague positively in the actions we take to advance our CSR position and call on all colleagues to make a difference whatever their role.

Princes Supply Chain Map

As part of our commitment to supply chain transparency we are pleased to publish details of our Tier 1 (direct) suppliers for packaging and ingredients, as well as finished goods. We also continue to champion gender equality and mapping vulnerable workers within our supply chain, so are delighted to share data on gender and temporary/agency workers. This is in addition to visibility of where an active trade union and/or worker committee exists.


In 2015 the United Nations approved 17 objectives, broken down into 169 targets, to be reached by 2030 – the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

Attaining these goals is not the responsibility of one organisation but a shared global challenge for government, private sector, civil society and consumers.

There are eight specific goals that are particularly pertinent to our business activities and sphere of influence, where we can make a real contribution. However every goal is of relevance to Princes and we continually assess how we can contribute.

Climate Change & Environment

We remain constantly conscious of our impact on the world.

Fair Partner & Good Employer

Princes recognises the exceptional value our employees bring to our business.

Health & Wellbeing

We are committed to consumers’ health and wellbeing at all stages of the product lifecycle.