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Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

In response to the obvious Covid-19 issues we want to do what we can to help, so we’ve launched  a multi-stakeholder charitable response programme, which has already distributed more than half a million products to communities across the UK, Italy and Mauritius.

Our colleagues at manufacturing sites remain our first and highest priority, keeping them safe so they are able, in turn, to produce the food and drink we all need. This is particularly important for our UK and Italian canning sites that are producing food for UK government care parcels for the clinically vulnerable and to whom we have supplied over 280,000 cases to date.

We will continue to support UK food banks via our partnership with FareShare as they can reach the thousands of small outlets and charities that we cannot supply individually ourselves. Our PIA operation has also donated over 200,000 tomato products to Italian food banks and PTM in Mauritius has supported local food bank groups with tuna.

We are also supplying key workers in the NHS with bottled water from our Eden Valley site in Cumbria; nearly 300,000 bottles have been donated to the NHS for use at the new Nightingale hospitals and colleagues at our Eden Valley are also making donations to local hospitals in the region.