Human Rights & Ethical Labour Practices

Case Study – Princes Industrie Alimentari S.r.L. (PIA)

Since it was formed in 2012, PIA has taken a proactive approach on the issue of illegal labour in Italian agriculture, reaching out and communicating with growers in our supply chain, taking our own action and also collaborating with third parties. Some of the activities we have undertaken include:

  • Processing only tomatoes from farms with Global GAP/GRASP accreditation or SA8000 certification for social compliance
  • Representing the ETI’s at international events to bring together industry and other stakeholders to find common approaches to addressing the issue of modern slavery in the supply chain.
  • Holding annual ethical events since 2013 to reiterate the importance of compliance, hosting speakers from major UK retailers and also the Ethical Trading Initiative.
  • Mapping out all of our suppliers and tomato growers to support our risk assessment.
  • Collaborating with on-the-ground charity, Caritas, we have supported the “Lavoro Senza Frontiere” (Work Without Borders) scheme to find roles at our PIA factory for victims of modern slavery in southern Italy.
  • Amending supplier contracts to highlight the importance of the observance of all legislation relating to migrant labour.
  • In 2019 we signed a partnership agreement with leading Italian agricultural union Coldiretti, providing tomato growers with long term contracts at prices endorsed by Coldiretti, providing a fair and profitable return to growers . The agreement will also see growers implement environmental improvements and commit to participating in a Blockchain programme.