Health & Wellbeing

We are committed to consumers’ health and wellbeing, and this remains front and centre at all stages of the product lifecycle.

Consumers are more conscious than ever of how food and drink contribute to a healthy lifestyle. We want to inform consumers about the nutritional value of our products so they can make the best decisions for themselves and their families.

Princes commitment to consumers’ health and wellbeing is most evident in our approach to packaging, labelling and the marketing activity that supports all our brands. Our product ranges are regularly reviewed to ensure they meet all relevant regulation, and provide all the information customers and consumers want included on the food and drink they purchase.

  • None of our branded soft drinks products contain any added sugar
  • 350 tonnes of sugar removed from Branston baked beans annual volume
  • Over 200 branded products supplied by Princes count as 1 of your 5 A Day
  • Over 353 million calories removed from branded soft drinks we supply since 2015

Product Nutrition & Health

We develop products that seek to provide a balanced diet and the nutrition families need.

Sugar & Soft Drinks

Consumers continue to be rightly concerned about the levels of sugar in the food and drink they consume.