Health & Wellbeing

Product Nutrition & Health

We develop products that seek to provide a balanced diet and the nutrition families need.

We consider the vast majority of our products to be healthy when consumed as part of a balanced diet. Our core range of fish, fruit, vegetables, pulses, meat, pasta, oils, juice and water can all be found on the NHS ‘Eat Well Plate’ which provides guidance on maintaining a balanced diet.

We are not complacent however and continually seek to improve the nutritional content of our food and drink and provide healthier options to our consumers.

Food Nutrition

The NHS body Public Health England (PHE) has turned its attention in 2018 to the level of total calories in foods that are not directly targeted at children but are nonetheless consumed in significant amounts by under 18’s.

Of fifteen categories identified by PHE, meat products, cooking sauces, pastes and ready meals with carbohydrate accompaniments are the most pertinent to Princes Ltd.

PHE recommend manufacturers undertake reformulation, portion size reduction or the promotion of lower calorie options. For some of these products reformulation and portion size is extremely challenging when sourced from third party supply partners but we are reviewing what changes we can make.

In the meantime we have implemented directional ‘Have You Tried ‘information on our website for consumers to direct them to try existing lower calorie options such as our Lean Deli Ham and Lean Corned Beef options.