Health & Wellbeing

Sugar & Soft Drinks

Consumers continue to be rightly concerned about the levels of sugar in the food and drink they consume.

A Food Standards Agency survey from August 2018 showed that 55% of respondents were more concerned about the levels of sugar in their food than the price of it, rising from 39% in 2010.

Such attitude change is understandable in the context of several years of high profile media coverage of sugar, the long term challenges faced by the NHS in treating obesity and the World Health Organisation recommendation that sugars should make up no more than 5 per cent of people’s daily diets.

The soft drinks industry has long been held responsible for rising obesity rates in the UK and to tackle this, the Soft Drinks Industry Levy (SDIL) came into effect in April 2018. The levy is placed on products with more than 5g per 100ml of added sugar.

Princes have been active on sugar reduction for several years. Since 2011 we have removed over 45 billion calories from the own brand soft drinks we supply and reformulated our brands to remove added sugar.

This was achieved ahead of the SDIL implementation by starting early on this journey and evolving recipes over time to ensure consumers acceptance. The same approach was taken with our own brand customers.

Pure fruit juices which contain only naturally occurring sugars are not currently impacted by the SDIL but are subject to voluntary sugar reduction targets set by Public Health England for industry. We cannot legally reformulate pure juice as it is a natural product but we can contribute to these targets and will be changing the size of our single serve cartons from 200ml to 150ml in 2020.

Love Canned Food

Our Love Canned Food initiative, developed in partnership with Crown Foods Europe, has continued to drive awareness of the practical advantages of buying canned food.

Messaging on taste, quality, nutrition, convenience, affordability and lack of preservatives, minimising waste and the endless recyclability of the can itself have been used to engage, educate and encourage consumers directly.

Since launch, 44 videos have been viewed 1.9 million times across YouTube and Instagram. Social and digital advertising efforts have garnered 36.9 million impressions on the content produced.