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    Customer Care

    Availability of Princes Group products

    Our manufacturing output has significantly increased in order to meet the unprecedented levels of demand from our major customers and our colleagues are working very hard in extremely challenging conditions to continue feeding the nation.

    We cannot unfortunately answer specific queries in relation to product availability. While we routinely know how many of our customers stores our products are sold in, we do not hold details of precise store locations.

    Staff at your local store will be best placed to advise you with any requests relating to availability of our products.

    At the present time we do not offer a direct sales service.

    Princes operations and supply chain is robust, but short notice extreme spikes in demand are challenging to meet, not least in terms of transport and vehicle availability. We would ask people to be considerate in making purchases and think of their family, friends and the wider community when shopping in store.

    Thank you again for taking the time to contact us and we wish you and your family well.


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