Sustainable packaging progress to cut Princes CO2 emissions by 1,100 tonnes


Ongoing projects will remove 900 tonnes of plastic from product packaging

Packaging projects at Princes, and its range of brands, are set to reduce carbon emissions by 1,100 tonnes and remove 900 tonnes of plastic (the equivalent of over 26 million plastic bottles[1]) from product packaging across the Group, annually.

These projects include weight reductions across edible oils and soft drinks bottles for customer own brands. Princes’ popular Jucee brand is also switching to 100% recycled plastic bottles for its fruit squash range, while Napolina has moved its core pasta range from plastic into cardboard.

These and other plastic reduction initiatives have led to almost 2,000 tonnes of plastic being removed from 2018 to 2020, representing a 6% decrease across the Group.

David McDiarmid, Corporate Relations Director at Princes, said: “Princes has made significant progress in advancing packaging sustainability in recent years, with a firm focus on reducing plastic, increasing our use of recycled materials and ensuring packaging is widely recyclable. These latest changes are more solid steps in the right direction, but this work won’t stop there.

“We recognise that far too much plastic packaging is thrown away and that more effort needs to be made across all industries to reduce, reuse, recycle and embed the principles of a truly circular economy. It’s great to see our brands taking very public steps in this space, but also the important day-to-day progress being made behind the scenes. A 700-tonne plastic reduction, for example, has been achieved in oils and drinks bottles used in retailer own brand products. This is a huge reduction and a great testament to the hard work of our packaging team and site colleagues.”

Last year, the company revealed an ambition to switch all of its branded tuna multipacks to cardboard sleeve packaging as part of a major initiative, which has removed 96 tonnes of plastic annually, as well the removal of non-recyclable Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) and Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) from its products.

Princes now reports that the average recycled content of plastic across its UK manufacturing base is 45%. In addition, 99% of the plastic in its UK manufactured products is classified as widely recyclable. Princes also no longer owns any bottled water business having sold its last remaining water site and the Aqua Pura brand in 2020.

Continued progress to reduce waste and reuse materials is key to Princes’ 2030GreenGoals initiative, which outlines the Group’s commitment to cut general waste by 30% and become a carbon neutral business across its UK and international operations by 2030. This ambition

builds on important progress made since 2014/2015 to reduce the Group’s carbon emissions, which represents a 23% decrease of over 34,000 tonnes of CO2.

[1] 26.4 million empty, 1 litre drinks or oils bottles – Princes