Princes Colleagues

Stronger Together

Our Colleagues

Of course our first priority is ensuring we protect and support our colleagues at our manufacturing sites. But it’s not just about keeping our colleagues safe. So, what else are we doing?

Food & Drink

For many colleagues working shift patterns, it is difficult to get to a fully stocked supermarket – it is only right that we’ve shared a supply of the store cupboard essentials that we produce with colleagues across sites.  That some colleagues have then chosen to donate their supplies to local food banks and other charities is inspiring.

Leaning & Development

Keen to ensure that colleagues are supported in practical ways; our L& D team have developed a suite of materials and articles to support people, as they make the sudden transition to remote working. Self-development tools are also available.  


We have a real responsibility to keep colleagues connected  and have worked proactively  to keep everyone in the loop. During this time of lock-down we have  conducted a pulse survey and rolled out a new IT platform to make sure we keep talking – we have also seen our MD step out of his comfort zone  to create a weekly Vlog, available to view via You Tube.

Weekly Social

Whilst we can’t be together, we can still meet up via one of the many platforms available for group video chat.  Many teams are keeping in touch over and above normal meetings with social calls and ‘pub quizzes’.

Reward & Recognition

Our colleagues are amazing and frankly, they deserve recognition for all they’re doing and at a time when a thank you goes a long way – we are taking every opportunity to say it!