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Olivio is a touch of the Mediterranean for all your cooking. Made from a blend of vegetable Oil with 15% pure olive oil, Olivio is suited to a wide variety of cooking from frying to roasting.  Available to buy in major retailers across the country.


U:ME are a new range of oils that meet consumer demand for delicious blends and sprays, which have clear guidance for home-cooks on how and when to use them. These high quality speciality oils demystify the question of ‘what oil should I use to really make that dish sing’. The range includes oils for frying through to drizzling.

For more information and recipe ideas please visit www.ume.cooking


Batchelors ® has been creating top quality food products for well over 100 years.

Started by William Batchelor in 1895, he soon established the brand as a market leader by adopting breakthrough canning technology. This has enabled Batchelors to continually provide great tasting and convenient food products to British households.

The Batchelors range of canned soups remains a kitchen essential. Another Batchelors speciality is its range of canned peas which continues to be the perfect accompaniment to traditional British meals such as fish and chips.

Batchelors peas feature the Red Tractor logo, providing trusted assurance and demonstrating they have been grown, packed and processed in the UK.

Batchelors is a registered trade mark of Premier Foods Group Limited and used under licence.


Branston ® is one of the UK’s most iconic food brands and has been a firm favourite with households since 1922.

Branston is named after the small village of the same name near Burton, Staffordshire, where the brand first began. The brand is now well known for its household favourites such as baked beans, spaghetti bolognese, macaroni cheese and ravioli.

Branston baked beans launched in 2005 and the brand proposition has focused on product taste. Since launch, Branston baked beans has consistently been preferred in independent taste tests to the market leading brand and uses these taste credentials in communication to its target family audience.

Branston is a registered trademark of Mizkan Europe Limited and used under licence.


Cookeen is recognised by experienced cooks as being the beacon brand for pastry baking. Cookeen has been helping home cooks to create deliciously light, melt-in-the-mouth pastry since 1957.

Unlike competitor products, Cookeen is made from only 100% vegetable oil because our consumers know that the best results start with the best possible ingredients.

Consumers trust the fact that Cookeen is made without the use of any hydrogenated vegetable oils, E numbers or preservatives.

As a true baking fat, Cookeen can be found in the chiller cabinet at many major UK grocery retail outlets.

Cookeen is passionate about making perfect pastry so we have created a dedicated website with a list of top tips and professional techniques for making perfect pastry.

Whether consumers need to know how to make cases, shortcrust pastry, puff pastry or the professional way to crimp pastry, it can all be found on our website www.cookeen.co.uk.

A list of mouth-watering and inspirational recipe suggestions can also be found to encourage consumers to expand their use of Cookeen further.

Cookeen is owned by Edible Oils Limited, a joint venture between Princes and Archer Daniels Midland (ADM).

Crisp ‘n Dry

Crisp ’n Dry is the UK’s number one vegetable oil brand — famous for its ability to cook food to perfection.

The range includes its iconic liquid oil, a spray oil and a solid cooking oil for use in a wide variety of cooking from basting to stir frying and roasting to deep frying.
The brand’s ‘From Good to Great’ consumer campaign has helped to consolidate its category captain status.

Crisp ’n Dry will continue to receive long-term marketing investment to maintain its position in the category and encourage new consumers to purchase the brand.

For more information please visit www.crispndry.co.uk.

Crisp ‘n Dry is owned by Edible Oils Limited, a joint venture between Princes and Archer Daniels Midland (ADM).

Crosse & Blackwell

Crosse & Blackwell is one of the best-known British grocery brands and has been enjoyed by generations of families.

The brand traces its heritage back to 1706 and traded under various names for 100 years. It became Crosse & Blackwell after entrepreneurs Edmund Crosse and Thomas Blackwell started working together in 1819, their respective ingredient and recipe development expertise transformed the brand into
a household favourite.

The current Crosse & Blackwell range includes a wide variety of household favourites including soup, childrens meals, vegetables and cooking sauces.

For generations Crosse & Blackwell has sourced many of its ingredients from the British countryside. We continue this tradition today as we are as passionate about supporting British farmers as we are about producing tasty and nourishing food.

Our Best of British vegetables are sourced from selected British farms across the UK making them an essential ingredient to get that truly ‘home grown’ taste.

Our Best of British soup range is inspired by Britains favourite recipes and uses home grown ingredients such as Melton Mowbray Stilton, Wiltshire Ham, Dorset Ale and Lincolnshire Maris Piper potatoes.


With its instantly recognisable label, Farrow’s giant marrowfat processed Peas are the perfect accompaniment to fish and chips, pies and many other traditional British dishes.

Farrow’s peas are a firm favourite with consumers. They are great tasting and versatile. Although used most often as a convenient side dish or alongside a main meal, they are also a great ingredient for recipes such as pea and ham soup.

All peas sourced for Farrow’s brand are grown in Britain. They are a good source of protein and are high in fibre and low in fat.


Flora is one of the UK’s most trusted food brands — bought by over 50% of UK households.

As the UK’s best-loved brand of sunflower oil, Flora is ideal for shallow frying and for light flavoured salad dressings.

Flora is the largest brand in sunflower oil in the UK marketplace.*

Flora and the sunflower device are registered trademarks of Upfield Foods and used under licence.


Hunger Breaks

The Hunger Breaks brand is centred around quality, convenient food.

Hunger Breaks was developed to reflect the needs of consumers who are time poor but looking for a tasty snack or quality meal which is convenient and easy to prepare giving great tasting delicious food.

Prepared to push the boundaries of innovation and taste, Hunger Breaks is always striving to bring new innovative formats and flavours to the market.


Family favourite Jucee is one of the most popular squash brands in the UK.

Jucee is full of fun and has been supported by a programme of innovation, that has helped to make it the UK’s fourth largest squash brand by consumption.

The range includes a choice of no added sugar flavours and regular variants, all of which are made with real fruit juice and have the added reassurance of no artificial colours or flavours.

The Jucee range also includes Jucee Juice in convenient ready-to-drink cartons and bottles for kids.

  • Leading UK family favourite
  • Great value for money proposition
  • Over 600m servings consumed annually


Mazola is a leading corn and rapeseed oil brand with more than a century of heritage and experience.

The range

The range includes corn, rapeseed and cold pressed rapeseed oils.

The secret ingredient

The secret is in mother nature, in the oils that naturally occur in plants nurtured by the sun and rain. Our oils are made from quality corn kernels and rape seeds and, both of which are carefully selected, processed and blended by our Mazola experts.

To help educate and inspire consumers, the Mazola website contains information regarding which oils can be used to enhance which meal occasions as well as recipes and opportunities to win.

Mazola is owned by Edible Oils Limited, a joint venture between Princes and Archer Daniels Midland (ADM)


Napolina has been at the heart of Italian style cooking for 50 years.

The Napolina range offers one of the most extensive collections of Italian style ingredients and our team is passionate about sourcing simple, good quality products. From sun-ripened tomatoes picked locally in the farms surrounding our Italian tomato processing factory, to fruity olive oils, pizza bases, olives, beans, pulses, versatile pasta and delicious cooking sauces — our range brings the flavours of the Mediterranean into kitchens across Europe.

We have an ongoing programme of new product development which has helped us strengthen our market position and develop a loyal consumer following. For the love of Italian food” brand campaign celebrates the romance and quality of Italian food and has helped to build our position as one of Europe’s favourite Italian ingredients brands.

For more information please visit www.napolina.com 

For more information on sourcing and production for our Napolina range, please visit our Foggia site page.


The Princes brand is all about simple, good quality food and drink and our products are enjoyed by millions of people across Europe every day.

Established more than 115 years ago, the Princes brand has been helping families to create delicious meals and snacks for generations.

This generation to generation popularity is testament to the quality, convenience and innovation that goes into each and every product we produce.

From versatile spreads to healthy and convenient canned fish and tasty pure fruit juices, our consumer research shows that the brand is trusted to deliver on its promise of simple enjoyment time and time again.

The complete Princes range now includes a diverse selection of over 350 food and drink products including canned fish, meat, fruit and vegetables, sandwich fillings and soft drinks. In most instances these are the brand leaders within their categories and our integrated ‘Yours to Enjoy’ brand building campaign has helped strengthen Princes’ position as a family favourite.

For more information please visit www.princes.co.ukwww.princes.eu or www.thonprinces.fr.


Shippam’s is a quintessentially English food brand with a range of products based on classic flavours and traditional recipes.

It was founded in 1750 by Shipston Shippam, a quality butcher based in Chichester on the south coast of England.

Sandwich Spreads

The brand’s classic sandwich spreads are still produced in Chichester and are enjoyed just as much now as they were in the 18th century when the Shippam family started to produce them.

The brand’s classic sandwich spreads and pastes are still produced in Chichester and are enjoyed just as much now as they were in the 18th century when the Shippam family started to produce them.


Trex is an icon of British home baking. First launched in the 1930s as a dairy-free alternative to butter, it has been a baker’s best friend for generations.

From irresistible cupcakes to melt-in-the-mouth Victoria sponges, the brand’s unique whipped texture and tried and tested recipes guarantee perfect results, regardless of your baking experience.

The fact that it is lower in saturated and trans fats than butter makes it a popular choice with consumers and recent brand campaigns have made it well-placed to attract sales from the growing new wave of home cooks.

To support the Trex brand we have developed a series of on-pack offers while the dedicated Trex website demonstrates the versatility of Trex with a host of free recipes and tips to further engage consumers and to encourage trial.

Vier Diamanten

Vier Diamanten has been Austria’s most popular canned fish brand for more than 50 years and has a growing presence across Europe.

Vier Diamanten’s long-term success is driven by the supply of quality products and a very loyal consumer base. Combining quality, convenience and value, the range includes canned tuna, salmon, shellfish products and a collection of tuna-based recipes, inspired by flavours from around the world.

The brand’s leading position provides a strong platform to drive further category growth through brand support and new product innovations. Its website is packed with recipe inspiration to expand usage.


Wielkopolski was launched in 2010, and offers consumers a quality cooking oil that helps get the best from every dish cooked.

Wielkopolski oil is distinguished by its clear, golden hue and delicate flavour. It enhances food to satisfy even the most demanding palates and its versatility makes it a kitchen essential.

Wielkopolski oil can be used for frying, baking, salad dressings and even in cakes and desserts.

The versatility of Wielkopolski oil, means that it provides the perfect starting point for hundreds of delicious dishes.

For more information please visit www.olejwielkopolski.pl

Wielkopolski is owned by Edible Oils Limited Polska, a joint venture between Princes and Archer Daniels Midland (ADM).