Princes Customers

Food to Go

We have a broad range of industrial customers that use our products at scale.

At Princes, we don’t try to make square pegs fit into round holes. The Princes Food To Go / Manufacturing team provide creative solutions that are designed to fit the customer requirements. For example when it comes to tuna supply, we provide large 7kg pouches; Palleton deliveries (reduced use of card, unboxed, so less waste to deal with and impact on the environment), as well as offering chilled tuna deliveries to our partners required temperature, thereby assisting them in their production process.

Our products are supplied out of our own factories in the U.K and Mauritius, as well as via partner factories in Spain, Hungary, Italy, Canada, Thailand  and South America. As you would expect, Princes applies very high standards of ethical practice and sustainability when sourcing products from all over the world.

Princes are already supplying a broad range of Industrial customers, who use Princes products as ingredients in a myriad of Food to Go and off the shelf products, which are then sold to end consumers by some of the largest food retailer names in the U.K.

At Princes, we have a real technical know-how, which is likely already aligned to the customers our manufacturing  partners work with. We understand our customers’ requirements  and use that knowledge to the benefit and support of our manufacturing  partners. This allows a speedy aligned process that our partners can trust.